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1. General Terms and Conditions governing Use of the Site and the Services Offered

• Use of the site www.contravention-sncf.frimplies full and unconditional acceptance of the General Terms & Conditions set forth below. These Terms & Conditions may be amended or augmented at any time. Users of the website are therefore advised to check them regularly.
• This site is accessible to all users from 5:00am to midnight. The SNCF may, however, decide to interrupt access to carry out technical maintenance, in which case the SNCF will endeavour to inform users in advance of the date and time of any such maintenance work.
• The site is updated regularly by the SNCF. The legal information may likewise be amended at any time. They are nonetheless binding on site users, and users are therefore advised to check them as often as possible.

2. Overview of the Website

• The site is the property of the Société Nationale des Chemins de fer Français (SNCF), registered on the Register of Commerce of Paris under number B.552.049.447, and whose Registered Office is at 34 rue du Commandant Mouchotte, 75014 Paris.
• Data used in the production of this site is supplied by La Direction des Trains – SNCF VOYAGES, Immeuble Lumière, 40 avenue des Terroirs de France 75012 PARIS.
• The current version of the website was built by the company ATOS WORLDLINE, registered on the Register of Commerce of Nanterre under number B 378 901 946, and whose Registered Office is at 18 avenue d'Alsace 92400 COURBEVOIE, based on an existing site that was designed by the SNCF and the agency G2 Paris.
• The website is hosted by the company ATOS WORLDLINE.
• The Publications Manager is Pierre DESSIS – SNCF VOYAGES – Direction des Trains, Immeuble Lumière, 40 avenue des Terroirs de France 75012 PARIS.

3. The Services Provided

• The purpose of the website is to provide a means of accessing, viewing and paying SNCF penalties.
• It is the SNCF's constant endeavour to ensure that the information provided is on the website is as accurate as possible. However, the SNCF may not be held liable for any omissions, inaccuracies or deficiencies in updates, whether of its own doing or of due to third party partners that provide the information in question

4. Contractual Limitations on Technical Data

• The minimum configuration required for accessing the website is as follows:
Screen: minimum 1024 x 768mm
Browsers: Internet Explorer (versions 6 and above), Firefox.
You may need to install Acrobat Reader in order to access some information on the site.
• Website users agree to access the site using equipment that is compliant with the configuration requirements indicated above and that is virus-free.

5. Intellectual Property

• The name SNCF is a registered trademark of the SNCF. The SNCF logo is also protected as a semi-figurative mark
• The SNCF owns the intellectual property rights to all items accessible on the site, in particular text, pictures, graphics, icons, sounds and software.
Photo credits for the visuals used on the site: Jean-Marc FABBRO.
• No partial or complete reproduction, representation, amendment, publication or adaptation of any items on the site by any means whatsoever, without the prior written consent of the SNCF.
• Any unauthorised use of the site or of any of the items it contains shall be deemed to constitute an infringement and subject to legal proceedings in accordance with the provisions of Articles L.335-2 and following of the French Intellectual Property Code.

6. Limits of Liability

• The SNCF shall not be held liable for direct and indirect damage caused to users' equipment when accessing the website , and resulting either from the use of equipment not compliant with the specifications laid out in Paragraph 4, or from the occurrence of a bug or from incompatibility.
• Users are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of data entered on the website.
The various fields can be freely completed by users and the SNCF therefore disclaim all liability for inaccurate or incorrect information.
• The website is made available to users to facilitate the payment of penalties. Users must check that the payment has been processed. The SNCF shall not be held liable for additional amounts added to a penalty for which no confirmation e-mail was sent to the user.

7. Secure payment

• The only payment method accepted on the website is credit card payment (CB, Visa or Mastercard). The amount is debited from your account at the time of on-line payment, provided that debit authorisation is received from the competent payment centre. If this authorisation is not granted, your payment cannot be processed.
• For total peace of mind, the SNCF Penalty Payment site uses secure pages and sends out a confirmation e-mail when the penalty has been paid.
• The Penalty Payment Site uses high-performance technology - the SSL encryption process that protects all data relating to payment methods and guarantees a totally secure transaction.
• On-line credit card payments are processed via the "Thawte SSL for Webservers" security system, which encrypts your bank details for secure Internet transfer.
• A padlock symbol will be displayed on the payment pages. This symbol indicates that the bank details entered will be kept secure.
• The website URL address will start with https:// (the "s" stands for 'secure'). This means that all information is encrypted and protected prior to Internet transfer.
Depending on the version, Internet Explorer displays a locked padlock in the bottom-right or bottom-left of your screen.
Netscape Navigator displays a key symbol on a blue background in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen.
Netscape Communicator displays a locked padlock in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen.
• A message regarding secure payment is also displayed on the confirmation page.
• This protocol is used by most French banks and major on-line retailers. It ensures optimum protection of card numbers that are transferred over the Internet. Your bank details will be encrypted.
• In addition to this secure encryption process, the SNCF uses the SIPS payment system developed by Worldline, Europe's leading secure payment service provider.
• 3D-Secure protocol is used to verify customer identity during payment transaction. The informations exchange between you and your bank is secure.

8. Personal Data

• Data is collected on this website in order to collected sums owed due to offences against the rules governing railway transport, as provided for in the Act dated 15 July 1845 and Decree No. 730 dated 22 March 1942, as reported by the SNCF, the controller of this data, which is used for managing offences against the rules governing railway transport.
• The data is intended for use by SNCF departments, debt recovery companies and the legal authorities.
• Under the provisions of Articles 38 and following of Act No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 (the French Data Protection Act), users' right to access, and where necessary, rectify any personal data concerning him or her shall be exercised by means of a written request, duly signed, together with a copy of a signed proof of identity, and specifying the address to which the reply is to be sent.
• This request must be made by post to the following address: Direction juridique de la SNCF, le responsable de la Mission Infractions à la police des chemins de fer, 10 place de Budapest, 75436 PARIS CEDEX 09.
• The databases are protected by the provisions of Act dated 1 July 1998 transposing European Directive 96/9 date 11 March 1996 governing the legal protection of databases.

9. Hyperlinks and Cookies

• The insertion of hyperlinks in any part of the website is forbidden without the prior written consent of the SNCF.
• Browsing the website may cause cookies to be installed in the user's computer. A cookie is a small file which cannot be used to identify the user but which records information concerning the browsing by a computer on a site. The purpose of the data obtained in this way is to facilitate subsequent browsing of the site and also enable various measures of site usage.
• Refusing to install a cookie may make it impossible to access certain services. However, users may configure their computers as follows to refuse cookie installation:
With Internet Explorer: go to the Tools menu/Internet Options tab. Click Privacy and select Block all Cookies. Click OK to confirm.
With Netscape: the Edit/Preferences tab. Click on Advanced and select Deactivate Cookies. Click OK to confirm.

10. Applicable Law and Competent Jurisdiction

• Any dispute related to use of the website is governed by French Law and shall be referred exclusively to the courts of Paris, which shall be deemed to have competent jurisdiction in such matters.

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